Love Chocolate?

So while I'm slammed at work and bitching about the Hurricane threatening to pre-ruin my vacation, my old roommate (and good, good friend) Steve is doing this with his friend Jordan. I seriously need less responsibility in my life.

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And so it goes.

Hurricane Flossie continues to move across Hawaii. The eye is supposed to pass about 80 miles SW of the big island, but there are obviously high winds, potential flooding, etc. I believe this happens like, once every 20 years. Figures it would be this week.

At least it's not next week, right?

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You've GOT to be shitting me.

B & I are planning our first vacation together - ever. And my first vacation since I went to Australia in 2005. We are, of course, going to Hawaii. And this is what Mother Nature dishes up.

Those smaller dots in the center are the Hawaiian Islands. That big white swirlee thing is Hurricane Flossie. We leave in a week. Hope the islands are both still there AND above water. Ugh!

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Jay Brannan - Beautiful Voice, Moving Music

The Josh's posted a great review of Jay Brannan's music (Jay was in the movie Shortbus and sang "Soda Shop" in the movie). Suffice it to say, Jay scraped together some cash and recorded a few singles - and popped them up on iTunes. He also has videos on Youtube for those 4 songs, plus some. Check out two of my faves here, then click over to his MySpace page or iTunes to buy the songs. Or to his Youtube page to check more videos.

Jay Brannan Links:

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Pics from Denver Pride

Unfortunately, Denver Pride was sort of a bust. While I enjoyed spending time with the BF and our friends, the parade was one of the lamest I've ever seen - Minneapolis was better if you can believe that (and that one was in the rain!).

After Chicago, San Francisco, DC & Minneapolis, Denver is at the bottom of my list. Next year we'll probably go somewhere else. Regardless, here are some photos from the day.

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Happy Pride Everyone!

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40 to 50 MPG!

The BF got a motorcycle.

Practical = 40-50 MPG ($11 to fill the tank and go ~250 miles) vs. 24 in his Jetta.

Sexy = well, it's sexy.

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Red Rocks!

Spent the day at Red Rocks - here's one of the best pics from the trip. Click the photo to view the rest.

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Closing time.

So, for anyone who's been following the house blog (not linked from here 'cause we're shutting it down), we are out of the house we were building - too many delays (i.e. 5 months and still no foundation). So we worked with our realtor and found a great existing house - 3 years old - that fits our needs perfectly. Since we were already pre-approved, had money in the bank, etc., we expedited closing and locked it all down today.

From New House Pic...

Not quite as stylish as the one we were building, but hey - it's bigger, better yard, unfinished basement and most importantly - it's already built!

So, for now, we're broke. But we have a house. Moving will be in March sometime.

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