Love Chocolate?

So while I'm slammed at work and bitching about the Hurricane threatening to pre-ruin my vacation, my old roommate (and good, good friend) Steve is doing this with his friend Jordan. I seriously need less responsibility in my life.

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And so it goes.

Hurricane Flossie continues to move across Hawaii. The eye is supposed to pass about 80 miles SW of the big island, but there are obviously high winds, potential flooding, etc. I believe this happens like, once every 20 years. Figures it would be this week.

At least it's not next week, right?

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You've GOT to be shitting me.

B & I are planning our first vacation together - ever. And my first vacation since I went to Australia in 2005. We are, of course, going to Hawaii. And this is what Mother Nature dishes up.

Those smaller dots in the center are the Hawaiian Islands. That big white swirlee thing is Hurricane Flossie. We leave in a week. Hope the islands are both still there AND above water. Ugh!

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