New Car

While I'm on the car thing, we went up to Gebhardt BMW this weekend to get a "pre-turn in estimate" on my car for wear and tear.  Overall, it came out pretty good.

  • Ding in the rear bumper where someone tapped me WAY too hard - $400
  • Scrapes on 3 of the alloy wheels - $100 ea - $300 total
  • Scrape on the front bumper - $50ish to buff it out
While we were there drove a GORGEOUS blue 328xi coupe - it drove well, but getting people in and out of the back would be tricky - unless they were small children or little people.  

We also drove a maroon 335xi with black interior (pictured above).  The car drove like a dream - and was essentially my old 330xi with a different color, bigger engine and lacking navigation - otherwise it was all the same features.

At the end of the day, they forgave the damage on my car due to the low miles (they decided to keep it and sell it instead of send it back to BMW), forgave the last 3 lease payments (this is very common of BMW) and gave us a great deal on the 335xi.  So now it's in our garage - and I have a new car.

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