Blog time.

So I figured it was finally time that I put something in the “thoughts” section of the web site. I think a blog will be about the best way to do this. Seems easy enough. Now I just have to modify the template to fit the look of the rest of the site. Branding and all.

Just a word of warning - some things you likely won’t see here:
1. Me bitching about work in specific terms.
For starters, I like my job. Even if I didn’t, people are getting fired for that crap. I like income.
2. Much racy content.
I’m not big on sharing out the sordid details of my life/sex-life (when I have one) so you likely won’t read about that here.

What you will find:
1. Comments about products and services I find helpful or interesting.
2. Rantings about companies that piss me off.
3. Ravings about companies that surprise and delight me (there are a few).
4. General thoughts on the world at large.
5. Plenty of useless facts - I’m full of ‘em.

With that, enjoy. I’ll start regular posts later today or tomorrow. For now, back to work.

Caffeine intake: Grande Vanilla Latte, Diet Pepsi
Current music: None
Days since last trip: 05
Miles traveled on American year-to-date: 42,047
Miles traveled on United year-to-date: 5,252

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