Update on life.

It’s about time I give an update on my life since last fall. A lot has happened - I took the job in San Diego, was there 6 months, and then my department was moved to Denver. So - I now live in Denver (Stapleton area) with my boyfriend, whom I met in San Diego. I’ll back up.

My first week in San Diego I met a great guy online. We chatted for all of about 40 minutes then met for lunch. Then dinner. Fast forward to April, and when I was relocated to Denver, he came with. We’ve been together about 8 months now, and things continue to go very well. We just sort of ‘get’ each other, and complement one another in so many ways, it’s hard to explain. He was working in IT for DC Shoes in San Diego, and took a job at the Apple Store here as a Mac Genius. So of course, we have the whole Apple geek thing going on )

The job has been going well. Work is tough and long, and I’m back to traveling a lot (mileage updates below). Overall, I’m challenged with new and different things every day - which is awesome. It just gets a little tough sometimes.

That’s about the size of things so far - more to come as I’m going to try to blog weekly, if not daily.


Caffeine intake: 3 cups coffee (Delectable Egg)
Current music: Nothing.
Days since last trip: 03 (Chicago 6/13-6/15)
Miles traveled on American year-to-date: 18,521
Miles traveled on United year-to-date: 29,870
Miles traveled on Frontier year-to-date: 8,460

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