Altitude Baking. And Forgetfullness.

So I made brownies tonight. Brian usually does the cooking, but I started dinner (he had to come finish it) and so I decided to make some brownies. They're out of a box, but still yum. I mixed them all together according to the directions, added some mint-chips for fun, and popped them in the oven.

After the 45 minute baking time, they were still gooey. I asked Brian if they should be done yet, and his first comment "Did you adjust for altitude?" Oops. I told him the box didn't say to. But it did. Add 1/4 cup of flower per packet (meaning I'm 1/2 cup down) and 2 tbsp water (so I'm down 4 of those - which I think is 1/4 cup).

The short of it - we have brownies that are gooey on the inside (after another 15 minutes of baking) and dry on the outside. But they're still chocolate. And still good.

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