Let it snow? Ugh.

We're getting snow in Denver. Lots of snow. People always told me (before I moved here) that Denver is mild. Very mild. Warm in the winter in fact. 50 degrees here is eminently warmer than 50 degrees anywhere with humidity over 10%. Mostly this is true. They also said that if/when it snows, it's either a light dusting or you get dumped on.

The system above has been hanging out above us for more than a day - and we're now up to 2' (feet, that is) of snow. TWO FEET. And, it's still snowing. How does it impact me?

  • The BF is stranded at some random strangers' house because his car got stuck on the way home from work yesterday - and he's 5.4 miles from our houses, and walking that in a blizzard didn't seem helpful. He's attempting to walk the 1.4 miles to a mutual friends' house today (friend with SUV).
  • Said friend's SUV is stuck at the end of his driveway.
  • The cats and I are fine in the house - fire works.
  • My car (which I left outside because the BF was working late and I usually let him take the garage when he comes home late) is buried under a 4 foot snowdrift. Even if I could get it out, there's at least 3' of snow across the parking lot and a 6' drift at the end.
  • Though I have a case of Twin Bing candy bars (bonus points if you've heard of it), for the most part we have very little food. Burritos, pot pies & stale pasta is about it. Today was grocery day. Fat chance.
  • I don't own a shovel.
  • My parents were supposed to fly in this morning. They've decided to wait and drive tomorrow (Mom & Dad were tentatively rescheduled for 6:40 AM Saturday OR 7:08 PM Sunday - my Brother still doesn't have another flight). Driving seems to be the best option.
  • One of my employees was doing a press check in Dallas and got stuck. She was supposed to fly from Denver to Canada (her home) tomorrow - but couldn't get back to Denver from Dallas until the 26th - according to United - and she's Premier Executive. So I agreed to let her expense a $1700 one-way ticket to Canada from Dallas. Given that staying in her hotel another 6 days would be about $1500 anyway.
  • My Christmas shopping isn't done.
That's about it. The snow does look pretty though...

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