Shop, shop, shop

So I’ve been spending WAY too much money today. I impulse buy like NOBODY’S business. Got a new scanner (deep sale), Bose speakers for work (necessity) and the BF and I got a new MacBook for him today. I must stop!

Ironically, the one thing we both want and have agreed on is the new dual-tuner TiVo. We have 3 TiVos in the house currently - my original Series 2, a Humax DVD-R TiVo and a 40-Hour. I’ve looked for them at Best Buy (for instant gratification). Found it on for cheap… but still haven’t made the purchase. We always have issues with conflicts on TV shows, and I’ve been DYING for the dual-tuner (as well as an HDTiVo) for a while. I just haven’t pulled the trigger. Maybe if I prep the 40-hour to give to my parents (who need one - everyone needs one!) it’ll motivate us to go get the dual-tuner.

So I continue to shop… and maybe by next weekend I’ll get the TiVo. I’m told I HAVE to buy it before fall so we can sample a ton of new shows. That gives me a little time )

Caffeine intake: 3 Cups of Coffee, Iced Venti Non-Fat Chai, Huge Coke
Current music: Watching TV (maybe I should get rid of this category)
Days since last trip: 02
Miles traveled on American year-to-date: 18,521
Miles traveled on United year-to-date: 32,646
Miles traveled on Frontier year-to-date: 8,460

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